What is an oral irrigator and can it replace a toothbrush?

New cosmetics and skin care, hair care and teeth care products constantly appear in the market — and their creators keep convincing us in their necessity. Is an irrigator a desired thing or just a publicity stunt? Can it replace a toothbrush, and if not, how to combine them correctly? Who really needs this thin? In this post we will try to answer all these questions. Also, don’t forget to visit Jiji – here you will find the best oral care products and other body care products at the most affordable prices, and in the widest assortment!

An oral irrigator consists of a reservoir with liquid and a handle to rinse the interdental spaces. Irrigator generates a stream of liquid (water or mouthwash), which removes plaque and food particles from between the interdental spaces, simultaneously massaging the gums. The procedure itself implies that after teeth cleaning you take an irrigator and handle each tooth. It helps clear those “hard-to-reach places”, and prevents the formation of solid dental plaque. Plus irrigator performs massaging of gums, and improves the blood circulation.

There are portable and stationary irrigators. You can take portable ones on a trip, in the office – it is especially useful for those who wear braces. They can be battery powered or with built-in rechargeable battery, which needs to be charged once in a couple of weeks. Stationary ones are bigger, they are often hung on a wall, they place more fluid — that is you will not have to fill them each time you are cleaning the teeth.

Most irrigators have several modes – ripple, different levels of pressure — and gradual transition to a gentler regime – this can come in handy at the initial stage of usage. The whole family can use one irrigator — but everyone should have his own nozzle. Usually, if additional nozzles are not included, they can be purchased separately. There are nozzles for cleaning braces or washing deep periodontitis “pockets”.

A study was conducted which proved that oral irrigator is really effective – it removes dental plaque from between the teeth and improves the condition of the gums within just 14 days. The study was about the pulsation mode — and you can find such a regime in all irrigators, even the most simple and inexpensive ones.

Irrigator is essential to those who have braces, bridges or dentures, and even people with bleeding gums, a tendency to the formation of plaque, small interdental spaces. Those who have healthy and smooth teeth will also find it useful for maintaining a good hygiene and prevention of teeth and gum diseases. Certainly, it won’t replace a toothbrush and paste, but it can definitely replace a dental floss.


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